2021 Releases

A full list of updates to ChiroUp in 2021.

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🚀 New features
✨ Product enhancements

November 2021

🚀 ChiroFinder: ChiroFinder allows you to easily search and refer patients to other great providers within the ChiroUp network! Click here for more details

✨ Better ability to customize treatment duration on condition reports: Added treatment length to include days/weeks and weeks/months for condition reports.

🚀 Add custom messages to your condition reports: Use "custom section" text field to add new messages to patient condition reports. Plus, ability to save templates for future use.

October 2021

🚀 Google review emails sent in Spanish: Send Google review emails to your Spanish-speaking patients based on their primary language. Click here to see how to update your patients language preference for reports.

🛠 Exercise Menu now selects "All Exercises": Use "select all" to grab all exercises from the exercise menu in the forms library.

🚀 Export patient list to CSV file: Easily export your list of patients to a CSV file. This feature will allow our premium subscribers to distribute their patient newsletters even EASIER. Click here to learn more.

✨ Simplified HealthCom patient passwords: Patients will receive a more simplified temporary password to make logging in to the Healthcom.io app a piece of cake. Click here to see how patients can access the app.

🚀 Ability to copy a summary of exercises from condition report builder, exercise plan, and exercise RX: Easily copy your list of specific exercises into your patient's SOAP note. See how to use this feature here.

✨ "Return to Patient Profile Arrow" is more apparent from the condition report builder: Quickly return to your patient's record after prescribing a report by clicking on their hyperlinked name at the top of the report builder.

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