Create an MD initial report

Keeping in touch with healthcare providers in your area has never been easier. You can quickly generate initial and release reports for your patient's MD through using ChiroUp, which ultimately boosts your MD referrals. All you need to do is add your patient's healthcare provider to the condition report & select print. It's as simple as that!

To Create an Initial Report:

You are able to generate initial reports when filling out a condition report for your patient. 

1) Navigate to the Healthcare provider section of the condition report.

2) Select the healthcare provider's name from the dropdown.

ūüí° Pro Tip:¬†Make sure to specify the patient's healthcare provider under the patient information section of their record for the PCP to auto-populate on Condition Reports.¬†

3) Ensure all information is complete on the report, then press Save.

4) Press Print for the Initial Report to download on your computer or device. 

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