How to create a condition report

Create and prescribe condition reports

1) Click the "Search patients" bar at the top of ChiroUp.

2) Add a new patient or search for an existing patient by name. 

3) Click the RX button next to the patient's name to go directly to the condition report builder. 

*Note: You can RX a report from within the patient record as well! After creating a new patient, or entering an existing patient record, simply click "Create report" in the upper right-hand corner of the page to get to the condition report builder. 

4) Select the patient's region of pain, and then select a condition. 
*Note: You can select more than one condition!

5) Click the "Save" icon (hint: it's a floppy disk!) in the upper right-hand corner. 

6) Preview the report! 

7) Choose your delivery method, or click "edit" to make changes. 

8) Make sure to let your patients know about HealthCom (their login instructions can be found in their report!) and give them a heads up about the thirty-day thirty-day Post-Care Survey. ‍😎

💡 Pro-tip: Have your patient check their email to ensure deliverability.

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