Create a Condition Report

To Create a Condition Report:

1) Navigate to the patient search bar at the top of the page, and search for a patient's name.

2) Select the patient's name to enter their record, then select Create report

3) Now you are in the report builder. Start by selecting the region and condition

*This will auto-populate the appropriate treatments, exercises, advice on daily living, etc. You are able to add/remove any of these to completely customize your report. 

4) Your in-office visits and treatment goals will auto-populate based on your preferences. Defaults can be set in your account preferences or modified on the fly for any single report. 

5) If you wish to create an Initial Report summary for the patient’s healthcare provider, toggle to indicate if the patient was referred, and then select the healthcare provider using the dropdown menu, or create a new healthcare provider using the (+) button. *Note: you can also preview the summary report, so you know what will be sent. 

6) When complete, you will want to click "SAVE" in the bottom right-hand corner. Then you will be prompted with the options to print, email, or both.

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